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The Soul Growth Series on Interactive Video CD-rom



"Soul Growth"
Astrology Readings

Gain insight into influences on your life... Discover your life purpose and lesson... Break free from life's dramas...

Reading + Interpretation Report $120

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Astrology Testimonials:

Cheryl has a "Soul Growth" Astrology Reading and states...

A friend's child asked me what I received for Christmas, so I told her:

"Time with someone who gave me some important information for my future". I also told her that "this was more vauable than any other gift I could have received." So thanks!

With the information Narelle provided, I was able to draw up some New Years Resolutions and model some Permission Statements based on the ones provided in the Astrology Interpretation book. Both are now personal to me and allow me to focus on what is important, so thank you again. I am saying them daily, as I want to get as much out of this year as possible, and knowing what I now know will help me in the decisions I make.

One of the things you said also was that I would get abundant resources in Jan. Well have I ever had resources, people have done so much free or at little cost, including removing massive trees in my new house/yard plus electrical work etc, etc. Again, thanks for your time and effort.
Cheryl ~ Brisbane, QLD Australia

This was the first time I have had an astrology reading, & I found it absolutely sensational!

Not only could Narelle tell me about me, she was also able to tell me about my parents & how their ‘stars’ played out in my life. The main message I received was confirmation that I am traveling to the right direction/on the right life path, which at this time in my life is very important, as I have recently launched a new career!

Confirmation also, that I have corrected some ‘traits’ that may have held me back in the past. This has given me even more confidence that I’m on the right path now.

I recommend, whole heartedly, that you have a ‘Soul Growth Astrology Reading’ with Narelle Duncan. It’s not ‘airy fairy’ or ‘mumbo jumbo’. This is a science, with thousands of years of history behind it. And you may just learn something about yourself that will make your life a better place to be… I did! Thanks so much, Narelle
Kym ~ NSW, Australia

As Narelle went through the reading, I really found it to be quite inspirational as I learnt a few things about myself and what direction I could be heading. It was a great experience and would highly recommend it to anyone and as a matter of fact, I already have.
Lisa ~ Robina QLD, Australia

Recently I was blessed to have a "Soul Growth" Astrology Reading with Narelle Duncan and found it to be the most inspirational and uplifting reading I have had.

In the past I have had astrology readings, however they have really only dealt with the personality which I found to be interesting and that's about it. However, the Soul Astrology Reading gave such depth and clarity into my thought processes and life patterns. More importantly, it helped clarify my Soul Purpose and what I need to be aware of to stay on track, develop, grow and live a happy fulfilled life!

Narelle delivered the reading with such care and love that I felt nurtured, understood and encouraged on such a level it gave me strength again to be who I am meant to be and do what I am meant to do in this life! Thank you from the depth of my heart for the renewed hope and clarification!
Helen ~ Nerang QLD, Australia

Eating for Vitality Testimonials:

How Jacqui got her body back…

I'm a mother of 3 and a part-time receptionist. My workmates and I all made contributions to the ‘snack’ jar…that’s when all my problems began! “Each week we’d buy our favourite chocolates, biscuits and sweets and snack on them whenever we felt peckish. The problem is I constantly felt peckish! I kept telling myself it was ok, because I only ate them at work.” Soon my work clothes had ‘fastening issues’ and I realised I needed to get back in touch with my hunger. “I had been on so many diets, but I just couldn’t stick to their strict programs and being a Mum, once I got home, I just didn’t feel like going to a meeting.”

How did Jacqui do it?...

“While waiting to pick up my daughter from school, I was chatting with a girlfriend who told me about Healing via Nature’s ~ Eating for Vitality. Two months later, my energy is up, my hunger is down and my clothes are comfortable once more! Thank you Healing via Nature!”


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