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The Soul Growth Series on Interactive Video CD-rom



"Soul Growth"
Astrology Readings

Gain insight into influences on your life... Discover your life purpose and lesson... Break free from life's dramas...

Reading + Interpretation Report $120

Ph: (07) 5576 3422
Burleigh Heads


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Soul Growth Series

Contact us on (07) 5576 3422 for an appointment!

Click here to download the "Soul Growth" Astrology Brochure

astrology "Astrology Readings"

Discover your Soul Path

Ever wondered what's your 'Life Purpose'?
Discover your soul purpose and life lesson through a "Soul Growth" Astrology reading. Gain insight into the negative patterns and behaviours in your life and why you keep repeating them! Reveal the positive messages contained in your horoscope and learn how to apply them to align with your soul purpose.

Service ~

  • One and a half hour reading
  • Personal Natal Astrology Chart
  • Current and future planetary influences

Discover ~
  • your Life Purpose and Life Lesson
  • your in-depth Personality Pattern
  • Family influences on your character
  • Negative behaviour patterns that sabotage
  • Positive chart messages and applications to align with your goals
  • Future forecast for the coming year!

Requirements ~
  • Birth date
  • Birth time (or dates of key life events)
  • Place of birth
  • 90 minute cassette tape or 80 minute CD-rom

Consultation + Interpretation Report
now only... $120

Contact (07) 5576 3422 for an appointment!


"Astrology Chart"

A Personality Report

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend...
this "Natal Chart" Horoscope Interpretation report is beautifully bound and presented in a colour booklet. Front cover illustrated by Canadian artist Zorica Krasulja

Personality Report ~

  • Read about your personal cosmic 'blue-print'
  • Divided into two sections: your professional and personal profiles
  • Discover your talents and how best to use them
  • Reveal your relationship and hidden psychological motivators
  • Learn how these affect your behaviour and how to improve them!

astrology Requirements ~

  • Birth date
  • Birth time (or dates of key life events)
  • Birth place

Interpretation Report
only... $35*

*add $5.00 postage and handling

Contact (07) 5576 3422 to phone order your booklet!

lovercompatibility "Synastry Chart"

A Lovers Compatibility Report

How Compatible are you and your partner...? Compare the horoscopes of yourself and your partner... whether you've just met, been together for a while or been married for years... this indepth Compatibility Report provides you with valuable information about your relationship! Discover why you are attracted to one another... uncover the areas in your relationship where harmony is created and the areas where tension arises. The report discusses your individual identities and emotional needs, "Soul Mate" connection, Love & Sex compatibility, Communication needs, Beliefs and Understandings and Relationship Challenges. The Report finishes with a Compatibility Graph which rates the level of harmony/tension in the relationship and includes sections on: warmth, security, romance, sexuality, togetherness and family!

Lovers Compatibility Report ~
  • How to Interpretation Guide
  • Sun sign compatibility
  • Emotional connections
  • Soul Mate connection
  • Love, Sex & Desire compatibility
  • Communication styles
  • Beliefs & understanding
  • Relationship Challenges

Click the button below for a sample report of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie...

see report

Requirements for yourself & partner~

  • Birth date
  • Birth time (or dates of key life events)
  • Birth place

Conpatibility Report
only... $35*

*add $5.00 postage and handling (or can be sent in pdf format via email)

Contact (07) 5576 3422 to phone order your booklet!

Click here to download the "Soul Growth" Astrology Brochure


Burleigh Heads, Australia