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The Soul Growth Series on Interactive Video CD-rom



"Soul Growth"
Astrology Readings

Gain insight into influences on your life... Discover your life purpose and lesson... Break free from life's dramas...

Reading + Interpretation Report $120

Ph: (07) 5576 3422
Burleigh Heads


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Soul Growth Series


Connecting to...

DLF "DLF Therapy"
DLF Therapy is connecting your own Life Force Energy directly to the Life Force Energy of the Divine. The purpose; to connect directly to the source of the most powerful healing available. By connecting to the Divine Life Force Energy and drawing on the Kundalini Energy of the healers own Life Force, a DLF Therapy healing session offers the benefits of balancing and healing your spirit as well as your physical well being. Ultimately it is the Divine Life Force that controls the level of healing a patient receives and can cope with... to learn more...
visit the DLF Therapy web-site

Journey "Journey Family Lawyers"
...are specialist Family Lawyers who choose to focus on Family Law only... offering assistance in divorce and separation, children in divorce and child support issues. They are one of Queensland's leading family law firms, and have one of the largest family law teams in Queensland with offices in Brisbane & Rockhampton with plans to open a North Lakes office next year... to learn more...
visit the Journey Family Lawyers web-site

Natural Weight Loss "Natural Weight Loss"
Natural weight loss looks at the reasons WHY you struggle to lose weight. In simple terms being overweight is a health issue. The natural weight loss advice has been developed by Louise O'Connor, a leading high profile Australian Naturopath who is an authority on optimal health... to learn more...
visit the Natural Weightloss Programs web-site

Scentual NRG "Scentual NRG Oils"

Scentual NRG are an Australian based company dedicated to producing quality natural products for your health & wellbing. Scentual NRG produce 100% essential oil therapeutic blends, a wonderful skin care range free from harmful chemicals and luxury therapeutic massages at their Burleigh Hds Clinic... to learn more...
visit the Scentual NRG web-site

StellarSolutions "Stellar Solutions"

We are proud to promote Stellar Solutions coaching services to assist individuals and organisations to achieve their goals. Providing total human resource management for small to medium sized enterprises... Donna Bennett & Marita Oakley specialise in communication skills workshops, understanding Generation Y, recruitment & selection and workshop facilitation... to learn more...
visit the Stellar Solutions web-site

SweetCheeks "Sweet Cheeks"

Sweet Cheeks is a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) company committed to quality baby linen and nappy products at reasonable prices, environmental responsibility, and the comfort and well-being of babies and women worldwide... to learn more...
visit the Sweet Cheeks web-site

MissingLink "The Missing Link"

Personal experience taught the author of this book... Julie Kay - Medium & Inspirational Metaphysical Speaker and Teacher... that you need to connect back to self to find your direction.
The Missing Link was intuitively channelled in three nights and pieced together in four days. From the time it was channelled to the time it was released was less than six weeks... to learn more...
visit the Missing Link Book web-site

Wemoon "Wemoon"

Wemoon ® offers glorious comfort and absolute absorbency in reusable cloth menstrual pads. Whatever your size, shape or protection needs, there are gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics just for you! Wemoon is the healthy, natural alternative to toxic disposable sanitary products. Choosing cloth saves you money and lets you take care of your health and the earth—every month! to learn more...
visit the Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads web-site

Zorica "Zorica's Illustrations"

Enjoy looking through beautiful images and illustrations by Canadian Artist & Illustrator - Zorica Krasulja. Zorica has illustrated Children's Books, exhibits paintings in Galleries and supports Schools & Women's Art Exhibitions.
visit Zorica's web-site


Burleigh Heads, Australia